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Headshot of Jasmine Houston-Rosado

Legacy Of Trailblazing

Bethune-Cookman University was built with close to nothing, 5 students, and a revolutionary leader. Mary McLeod Bethune is an icon not only here on her campus, but around the nation and the world. We teach our students about her legacy and how they can follow in her footsteps and become true trailblazers.

Let's meet Jasmine Houston-Rosado, a Sophomore majoring in English, as she reflects on how Mary McLeod Bethune has affected her life.

"Reflecting back on the Legacy of Dr. Bethune, her strong characteristics and motivational spirit led her to be a theologian, a womanist, an educator, and most importantly a visionary. Her unique perspective on the world and society has allowed me to understand that I may achieve all avenues of success in life.

Likewise, I have also been impacted to walk in the pathway promoting unity amongst all and spreading knowledge in order to eliminate both ignorance and hate."

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