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Mariah talking to Group of Students

Personalized Education

Bethune-Cookman University is excited about the future because we help BUILD our future. Leaders are groomed every day not only through experiences but mostly through our dedicated Faculty and Staff. We educate our students in the most innovative ways possible so that we may cultivate the most effective leaders.

Let's meet Mariah Franklin, a Sophomore majoring in Mass Communications, as she reflects on her educational experience here at the great Bethune-Cookman University.

"Bethune-Cookman [University] is different from a lot of other schools. The experiences I've had in the classroom are amazing! I am able to engage in class and ask questions as well as go to see any professor almost any time.

"Coming here was a great decision for me, and I do believe that I'll be ready for the world when my time comes to make my mark."

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