Reaffirmation is a continuous process rather than an episodic event of collecting and maintaining all information related to accreditation. The following is a general timeline of the key processes for the 2022 reaffirmation.

B-CU Reaffirmation Calendar
Fall 2020 Name SACSCOC Reaffirmation Leadership Team (October)
Name Compliance Certification Committee (October)
Name QEP Committee (October)
Compliance Readiness Review (October)
Solicit QEP Topic Pre-Proposals (December)
Spring 2021 Select QEP Topic (February)
Prepare first draft of the CCR (April)
Spring/Summer 2021 Prepare first draft of the CCR (April)
Continue working on the CCR (April- July)
Develop first draft of the QEP (March-May)
Continue developing the QEP (June-August)
Summer 2021 Prepare the final CCR (July)
Fall 2021 Submit the CCR (September)
Start planning the Spring 2022 on-site visit
Off-site Peer Review of CCR (November)
Prepare Focused Report Response, if necessary
Prepare the final QEP (November-December)
QEP due 6 weeks in advance of on-site review
Submit the Focused Report, if necessary (6 weeks prior to on-site visit)
Submit the QEP (6 weeks prior to on-site visit)
Spring 2022 On-site visit (April - Tentative)
Host 3-day On-site Peer Review committee visit (April - Tentative)
Summer 2022 Summer 2022 Prepare Response to On-Site Visiting Committee Review Report, if necessary
Fall 2022 Submit Response to On-Site Visiting Committee Report, if necessary (September)
Review by the Board of Trustees Commission on Colleges (December)
Spring 2023 SACSCOC Action Letter to the B-CU President (January)

In December 2022, the SACSCOC Board of Trustees will conduct a final review of our QEP and compliance documents and issue its ruling on our reaffirmation. Then, we will begin implementing our QEP, and before we know it will be time to prepare the Fifth-Year Interim Report. Documenting and assessing what we do along the way keeps us prepared to demonstrate that we are practicing continuous improvement.