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Infrastructure Services

The mission of the Infrastructure Services staff of CIT is to provide stable, secure, and robust network services to the campus computing infrastructure. To this end, the main functions of Infrastructure Services

  • Manage the campus servers that provide file, print, electronic mail, web, and backup services to the entire campus
  • Manage the campus network gigabit Ethernet backbone providing wired and wireless access to campus and Internet resources
  • Manage the campus network Firewall and Intrusion Prevention Software and access to the Internet
  • Monitor for network abuse and investigate network security incidents
  • Maintain the replacement plan for faculty and staff workstations
  • Manage networking of printers in offices
  • Responsible for network account maintenance and automated distribution list generation
  • Provide office support functions for CIT staff.


John DiNardo, Director for Infrastructure Services

Darryl Spain, Telecommunication Manager

Patricia Singleton, Telephone Operator

Cornelius James,  Telecommunications / Network Operator 

Harri Rrapaj, Network Administrator

John Hein, SQL Server Administrator

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