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Web Content Providers

Web Services goal is not to maintain the university website centrally (through one office or individual).  The direction we are moving will allow for our website to be maintained by many individuals all over campus with expertise in their individual arenas, while one central office (Web Services) manages the overall site design and experience, as well as a few key pages.  This collaborative de-centralized approach allows the individuals who are closest to the information to update their specific areas of responsibility.

Web Content Providers create and maintain the pages in specific parts of the university Web Site. If you are a content provider for your school or department remember one of the most important thing to keep in mind is the audience, who are they? Our audience will be prospective students, current students, faculty, staff and the community. With that in mind, when writing content for your respective areas create information that is interesting and will keep the attention of the reader.  There will be a web guidelines book available to inform you of policies and procedures for updating the university website.

How are Content Providers selected?

Each academic school and various campus department's dean/director will select one person from their area to manage the role of content provider. Once this individual has been selected, contact Web Services to setup prerequisite questionnaire and training. Each content provider must be able to with ease use a computer and be familiar on how to use Microsoft Office. Training will consist of learning about our content management system and other valuable information concerning writing for the web.

Content uploaded to the university website will follow an approval process before publishing live to the internet. Once the content provider has uploaded new content, it must be approved by his/her dean/director/vice president to ensure this is the proper message that will be published online. This process can eliminate errors such as typos, incorrect information and so on.

What are the responsibilities of a Content Provider?

The role of the Content Provider includes the following responsibilities

  • Checking the web pages in their areas of responsibility regularly to ensure content is accurate, current, and in accordance with the website standards and guidelines.
  • Make changes or request changes through Web Services as needed.
  • Follow the website policies and processes designed to ensure website integrity and positive user experience.
  • Maintain a dialogue with Web Services surrounding website needs for their areas of responsibility.
  • Be listed in the Web Guide as a contact person for his/her areas of responsibility.
  • Respond promptly to inquiries from web users either received directly from the website, or directed to the Content Provider via Web Services
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