The mission of the Office of Testing is to provide accurate academic testing and assessment services that adhere to professional standards in order to meet the growing needs of our students, faculty, administration and the community.


The Office of Testing provides placement testing, major field testing and make-up examination services to the University community.  The office administers the Student Rating of Instruction (SRI) each semester and provides other survey services to faculty, students and staff.  In addition, the office administers indirect surveys such as NCSSE and Noel-Levitz for use in strategic planning and decision making as well as ongoing customer service surveys used to improve customer satisfaction on campus.   

Customer Service Surveys

Customer Service Survey

Bethune-Cookman University views its approach to and satisfaction with customer service as a major factor in the recruitment, retention and matriculation of students.  In addition, customer satisfaction is a critical factor as students make decisions about supporting the Institution after they graduate.  

The Customer Service Surveys are currently administered in the following areas. Click on any of the links below to access and complete your survey(s).


Office of the Provost

Bob Billingslea School of Hospitality Management

College of Business and Entrepreneurship

College of Education

College of Liberal Arts

College of Online & Professional Studies

College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics

College of Undergraduate Studies

LaDoris McLaney School of Performing Arts and Communications

Petrock College of Health Sciences

School of Graduate Studies

School of Nursing

School of Religion

Administrative / Academic and Student Support Services


Bursar's Office

Cashier's Office

Department of Campus Safety

Dining Hall

Facilities Management

Financial Aid

Human Resources

Library Services

Mail Services


Residence Halls

Testing Center (Office of Testing)

Title III and Sponsored Research

Each area has a unique bar code, thus survey results are immediately disaggregated by area.  A monthly report is compiled and sent to the unit head and appropriate Division VP. The survey can be easily accessed by downloading any one of multiple free Quick Response (QR) code apps on a mobile device. Opening the app and directing the reader to the barcode automatically opens the survey.  Once competed, click submit and the completed survey is in the system.