This Bethune-Cookman University Catalog provides current information concerning academic programs and requirements.  Schedules of classes, derived partly from information in this catalog and any changes thereto, announce courses offered each semester and summer session.  Announcements of final examinations and graduation activities derive from this document.  The University reserves the right, however, to change this publication, to include course requirements, which supersede those herein, without direct notice to individual students.

The University will attempt to advise students of changes pertaining to matters herein.  Such information will be available in the offices of the vice president for academic affairs, school deans, department heads and office directors.

The student is expected to become familiar with program and degree requirements pertaining to one's field of study, and with regulations governing academic work and progress, as well as remain alert for announcements of change.  Further, it is the responsibility of the student to remain informed of current graduation requirements for one's degree program.  Minimum hours for graduation, for instance, are stated in this catalog for each major area.  Lack of knowledge of written requirements will not be accepted as justification for noncompliance.

To graduate from the University, the student is responsible for completing general education, major and minor area requirements, the senior thesis, the comprehensive exit examination and any other requirements specified herein or by announcement.  Faculty members are responsible for providing instruction and advisement to assist students in successfully completing requirements.

Many steps from admission through graduation require approval by specified university officials.  In its sole judgment that the student has or has not satisfactorily met all requirements, the University reserves the right to refuse university credit or refuse an academic degree.

Bethune-Cookman College University course catalogs from 1932 to 1969-1971 are freely accessible online through STARS to download or print.

Listed below are the 2004-2006 to 2014-2015 Bethune-Cookman University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. From time to time policies do change mid-year. When necessary those changes were incorporated into the current catalog text. Additionally, sometimes minor changes were made to correct errors in the text. A page of Catalog Errata & Changes has been established to document these changes throughout the year.

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