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Integrated Environmental Science

IES student on boat

Bethune-Cookman University seeks to provide education and research opportunities in both basic and applied interdisciplinary environmental science for undergraduate and graduate students while being a resource for the local community, the state, and the nation. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of students working toward graduate work in environmental science and/or careers in pre-professional environmental fields, resource management, and field science, environmental policy, or as environmental practitioners.

Integrated Environmental Science is a subdiscipline of the larger field of Sustainable Human and Environmental Systems that seeks to combine scientific and social information in order to make informed decisions regarding complex, relatively large-scale “wicked” environmental issues.


Department of Integrated Environmental Science, Fax: (386) 481-2662

Michael A. Reiter, Ph.D. (Professor and Chair): Environmental Science, Aquatic Ecology, Resource Management, Environmental Education.
(O) (386) 481-2695

Hyun Jung (“J.”) Cho, Ph.D. (Professor): Coastal Science, Aquatic and Wetland Plant Ecology, Remote Sensing/GIS for Environmental Studies.
(O) (386) 481-2793

Adeljean L.F.C. Ho, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor): Environmental Science, Evolutionary Ecology, Population Genetics.
(O) (386) 481-2646

Yungkul (“Younger”) Kim, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor): Biological Oceanography, Shellfish Ecology (joint appointment with Dept. of Natural Sciences).
(O) (386) 481-2676

Sarah Krejci, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor): Biological Oceanography, Syngnathids, Coastal Ecology (joint appointment with Dept. of Natural Sciences).
(O) (386) 481-2693

Craig Tinus, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor): Environmental Science, Fisheries, Biometrics.
(O) (386) 481-2739

Associated Program Faculty and Staff

Michael Humphreys, Ph.D.: Environmental Ethics.
(O) (386) 481-2758

Gary C. Matlock, Ph.D. (Visiting): Environmental Policy, Director, Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation, NOAA.
(O) (301) 734-1184


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