The College of Nursing and Health Sciences is dedicated to achieving wellness in diverse communities through education, community engagement, research, and professional preparation.  Collaborative efforts among the units housed under the CoNHS umbrella will assist in the elimination of health disparities, while promoting health equity among local, regional and global communities.  The goal is to empower, engage and educate health professionals who will lead their fields to best serve the health and well-being of a global community.  In doing so, citizens will be encouraged to advocate for opportunities to improve their quality of life.  This is congruent with the mission of Bethune-Cookman University which provides a “faith-based environment of academic excellence and transformative experiences that educates and empowers people to seek their own solutions, to advocate for opportunities for all citizens to improve their quality of life; and to inculcate an international perspective that would facilitate a keen appreciation of new global realities.”

Dr. Sandra Tucker
Dean of College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Dean's Welcome

Welcome to Bethune-Cookman University’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences.  Our goal is to employ the core values of innovation, excellence and inclusion to prepare students for careers as expert clinicians, innovators, educators, and leaders.  Our faculty promote interdisciplinary collaborations, while partnering with a wide range of community affiliates to promote excellence. 

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