To ensure consistent understanding, definitions for three categories of emergency are provided below. These definitions should be viewed as guidelines to assist officials of Bethune-Cookman University in determining the appropriate response(s):


Any condition (man-made or natural) which results in significant disruption to the mission of the institution and requires a community wide coordinated effort to control effectively. In cases of disaster, the Emergency Response Teams A and B will be activated, and the appropriate support and operational plans will be executed.

  • Team A- Individuals representing critical areas of college operations which necessitate their continuous presence on campus.
  • Team B- Individuals who will self-identify in order to provide assistance as volunteers in the critical areas of responsibility Team A individuals are charges with.

Major Emergency

Any incident, potential or actual, which affects the entire physical plant or property, and which will disrupt the operations of the college. Outside emergency services will probably be required, as well as major efforts from campus support services. Major policy considerations and decisions will usually be required from college administration during major emergencies.

Minor Emergency

Any incident, potential or actual, which does not seriously affect the overall functional capacity of the institution.