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In alignment with Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune's passion for the education of our future leaders, Bethune-Cookman University has equipped many young women and men over the years for lives dedicated to service and excellence. Today, her vision continues! Help us to sustain this profound legacy.

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Welcome All Transfer Students from California
Alumni Day Of Service
Wildcat Day At Capitol
Mary McLeod Bethune Women's Conference

B-CU Stories

B-CU Stories

" School first, even though you are just now getting here the first semester counts a lot. Because if you have a bad GPA your first semester it is going to be hard to bump it up." Just take things one step at a time, get involved, become familiar with your professors even though they are your professors they care." - Aminata Seye

B-CU Stories

“This is my first experience with a hurricane and I was really nervous and scared but because of all of the great faculty and staff here at Cookman it eased my pain and eased all of the things I thought were going to go wrong” - Denzel Smith