Bethune-Cookman University now has 8x8 as our telecommunication provides. The 8x8 platform allows all users to continue to use their traditional handset, and now you can use a softphone on your computer, tablet or your cell phone via the 8x8 Virtual Office App when communicating.

This new VoIP system not only updated our prior VoIP phone system, but it now allows us to have business continuity in case of a natural disaster or any other campus closures, making the University campus inaccessible. Some other added features from our new cloud-based system include:

Transcribed voicemail-to-emails sent to your Google email.
Business SMS Messaging
Personal Conference Call Bridge


Setting Up Your Voicemail PIN

Follow these three steps to set up your voicemail PIN:

  1. Go to voicemail by dialing 555 from the phone.
  2. Press # when prompted to enter the PIN code.
  3. Enter your new PIN code. Make sure the voicemail PIN meets the following requirements:
    • PINs must be 6 to 15 digits long.
    • Numbers must not be sequential (e.g., 1234, 4321).
    • PINs must not repeat the same digits (e.g., 0000, 1111, 9999).
    • Your PIN should not be your extension number.
    • PINs should not be a repeating ABAB pattern (e.g., 1010, 1212, 3131, etc.).
  4. If you have created a password and have forgotten it, click the Forgot Password? Prompt and an email will be sent to you allowing you to change it.

Voicemail Quick reference guide

Virtual Office