Web Services is responsible for managing the content and page development of the Bethune-Cookman University public web site (www.cookman.edu). Management of these sites includes setting standards for style, university information, college logo usage, and technical page accessibility.

Primary responsibilities include: providing the technology and design framework for the University's websites, consulting with various academic and administrative units, analyzing and recommending web-based solutions where appropriate, and supporting the University's strategic initiatives.

Content management at B-CU is becoming de-centralized but will be managed by the web services department. If you have a question about content, please contact the University Webmaster.

Standards, the B-CU logo, and Branding Information

Bethune-Cookman University maintains an ongoing, dynamic standard for web page design and maintenance. Our brand and logo identify the university, and hence their use is strictly governed to maintain quality and integrity. Please contact communications, (386) 481-2919 for more details. 

Please send any comments to helpdesk@cookman.edu or a member of the Web Services staff. We are glad to answer questions about any technical and graphical assistance of the B-CU Web pages.