Measure 1 - Initial Programs Completer Effectiveness

Measure 1 Part 1 Completer Effectiveness VAM Data Report Year 2021-2022
Measure 1 Part 2 Impact on P-12 Learning and Development Data Report Year 2021-2022

Completer impact in P-12 student learning growth and completer effectiveness

Data for Measure 1 for years 2021-2022 is not yet available from FDOE. The EPP plans to review the May 2023 VAM data when it becomes available from the FDOE projected in May 2023 and data for the measure are expected to become available to the public by December 31, 2023.

Measure 2 - Initial Program Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement

Measure 2 Part 1 Satisfaction of Employers Report Year 2021-2022
Measure 2 Part 2 Satisfaction of Completers Graduate Satisfaction Survey Report Year 2021-2022

Data for Measure 2 for years 2021- 2022, Satisfaction of employers and stakeholders is not yet available due to Employer Satisfaction and Graduate Satisfactions Surveys do not go out until the end of May 2023.

The EPP plans to review Employer Satisfaction Survey and Graduate Satisfaction Survey data after the close of the survey date of September 15, 2023 for those students who graduated in years 2020-2021 and worked years 2021-2022. Data for Measure 2 are expected to become available to the public by October 31, 2023.

Measure 3 - Initial Program Candidate competency at completion

Measure 3 Part 1 Graduation Rates Report Year 2021-2022
Measure 3 Part 2 Candidate Competency at Completion Report Year 2021-2022

Measure 4 - Initial Program Ability of completers to be hired

Measure 4 Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions Report Year 2021-2022