The Bethune-Cookman University Inspirational Gospel Choir is an extracurricular activity that is composed entirely of students who exemplify a deep appreciation for the music they sing. This adds to the religious atmosphere of the University and its many collegiate activities. It is a component of The La-Doris McClaney School of Performing Arts and Communication. This organization originally functioned for the sole purpose of furnishing gospel music for Wednesday evening prayer meetings on campus, organized by Pentecostal Students. 

Since that time, its purpose has broadened to include gospel music for recruiting campaigns in order to reflect a facet of the religious image of the university, as well as raise enthusiasm in prospective students for entering Bethune-Cookman.  The Gospel Choir mainly performs in Florida. However, the choir travels throughout the United States including performances in San Diego, St. Louis, Houston, New Orleans,  Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New York and the Bahamas just to name a few.  

The choir continues to spread the legacy of the founder Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, who stated that: “Our Whole School Is For Christian Service.“