What you learn in the classroom is important. Knowing how to use that knowledge effectively in the real world sets you apart. Development of skills for success runs throughout B-CU’s business programs. But there are two big skill-development programs that take your capabilities to the next level.

The MUST program:

Get must-have skills

There are certain sets of skills you need to be successful in the job search and a standout in your career. Those are the skills you’ll focus on in the MUST program – Mastering and Understanding Softskills Training

MUST develops your capabilities in areas like teamwork, communications and resourcefulness. They’re the must-have skills that are in high demand by employers and that characterize leaders. 

Through MUST, you’ll participate in hands-on workshops, meet business executives and have a chance to practice leadership in a mock company. You’ll also work with experts who will walk you through everything you need to land a job – from how to write a winning resume to how to succeed in a job interview.

MUST is ongoing throughout your four years in the College – with you every step of the way.

The Start It Up program:

Entrepreneurial Skills, Advanced Business Capabilities

The entrepreneurial mindset is a powerful thing—no matter what your major, no matter what career you want to pursue. Being entrepreneurial is about seeking solutions, being creative and turning ideas into reality. And those are capabilities that are highly valued wherever you go, whatever you do.

The Start it Up program is about developing that entrepreneurial mindset. It’s also about learning and practicing the ways of working that go along with it. You’ll get coached by working entrepreneurs. You’ll practice with hands-on projects. And then you’ll get real experience, working in the community for nonprofits or businesses, applying what you learn to real-world challenges. Along the way, you’ll learn how to define and promote your personal brand. You’ll come away with powerful skills.

Start It Up is open to students from across the University, by application. There are no fees for the program. For details or to apply, visit the Start It Up website.

Internship Opportunities

The MUST program also works with students to help land internships – a great way to develop more real-world skills and experience, and to give you a leg up in the job market.