New Confirmed Cases, as of August 9, 2021

Week beginning New Confirmed Cases: Students New Confirmed Cases: Employees Total New Confirmed Cases 1
Monday 8/9/21 0 0 0

[1] Cases reported on this webpage reflect only confirmed test results.

Isolation and Recovered

Students in Isolation on Campus 2 Employees in Isolation 2 Recovered Cases at B-CU 3
0 0 0

[2] Isolation refers to a student or employee who has tested positive for COVID infection (with symptoms) who is not to have physical contact with others unless there is need for medical attention. If an individual tests positive and does not develop symptoms, isolation can end in ten days.

Quarantine is for those who are potentially infected from close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID. While these individuals may or not be infected, they should quarantine. If a quarantined individual is tested at least 5 days after exposure and the test is negative, quarantine can end in 7 days. If the individual tests positive or has COVID symptoms during quarantine, the quarantine may turn into isolation.

[3] Those cases originally reported positive (in isolation), that are now reported as recovered and out of isolation.