As a Methodist institution, and one founded on faith, religious life is fundamental at B-CU. It permeates much of what we do. There are three major student organizations devoted to celebrating and exploring faith, and all are welcome to join.

Anointed Praise Mime Ministry

Anointed Praise (AP) is a student organization dedicated to the creative interpretive expression through mime.  They add to the exciting religious life at B-CU by promoting faith through the creative expression of worship through movement.

Wildcat Worship Team

The Wildcat Worship Team is a student group that leads the worship community in inspirational songs.  This student group adds to the vitality of religious life here on the campus of B-CU through their ministry in music, leading worship and praise during all Chaplaincy Department services.  Membership into this student organization is audition-based.

Religious Life Fellowship

Religious Life Fellowship (RLF) is a student group fostering growth through faith and community. As an organization, it strives to promote an ecumenical faith community inclusive of all faith systems and beliefs.   RLF works with the Chaplaincy Department to support vibrant religious life on the campus of B-CU, hosting events such as spoken word fellowships, game nights, pre-Friday Night Live mixers and Alabaster Box.