Vision & Mission

The Office of Military Services provides services and resources for military students, to include active-duty, reservists, veterans, and family members working towards achieving their higher education goals. Recognizes and supports active duty and veterans as they transition from military to student life. The Office of Military Services promotes student learning and enhances the development of all military and their dependent students by providing a support structure to ease the transition from military to academic life.

B-CU Military services serve all veteran students and qualified dependents who are using VA educational benefits to further their education. Our website provides information concerning entitlements, filing claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), certifying enrollment at the University, and deferring tuition and fee payments. Veterans and qualified dependents must be certified through B-CU Military services each term to receive VA educational benefits. You are urged to consult B-CU Military services early in the admission process for information about veterans’ services. To maintain eligibility for VA educational benefits, students must adhere to the policies and procedures as noted on the U.S. Veterans Affairs Website.

Bethune-Cookman University values your military service to our nation and as an honorably discharged veteran, you are entitled to education benefits. Honorably discharged veterans are eligible to participate in certain education programs but also must meet all academic requirements. The military veteran also must maintain the same academic standards as any student attending Bethune-Cookman University.

Active, Reserve or National Guard service members should consult with the Education Services Officer (ESO) or educational representative on their respective military installation or reserve/national guard unit in accordance with the Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership memorandum of understanding (DODI 1322.25, March 15, 2011) before submitting an application for VA benefits.