Before an Emergency

An important component of the University’s emergency preparedness is you! Having students, faculty and staff who are prepared for disasters or emergencies, results in fewer impacts to the University and a quicker recovery process. Be sure you are prepared before an emergency occurs.

Hurricane Preparedness

(Personal) Planning and Preparedness:

Make a Plan

Develop a family emergency plan to outline how you will evacuate if needed and get to a safe place, contact one another, get back together, and what you will do in different situations.

Build a Personal Kit   

Build a kit with these essential disaster items to ensure your basic needs are met during the first 48-72 hours after a disaster:

• Water – one gallon per person per day for at least three to seven days • Non-Perishable Food – at least a three to seven day supply
• Flashlight – with extra batteries
• Emergency Radio – battery-powered or hand crank

• First Aid Kit – including medication and prescription drugs for at least 2-weeks • Fire Extinguisher
• Whistle
• Sanitizer – moist towelette or liquid

• Multi-Tool / Tool Kit
• Tarp or plastic sheeting and duct tape
• Plastic garbage bags
• Important Documents – in a weatherproof container
• Cash (Most ATMs will be inoperable)
• Special items-for infants, children, elderly, persons with functional needs, and pets

Know Your Zone

Are you in a Storm Surge Zone?

It is important for the entire University community to know if their home is within a storm surge zone, and if so, to plan accordingly. Click the link below and enter your address in the upper right box of the Volusia County storm surge mapping feature to determine if you live in a hurricane storm surge zone.

Storm Surge Zone Interactive Map

Volusia County Shelters

Hurricane shelters are designed for safety, not comfort. Accommodations are extremely basic. Students who choose to stay in a local shelter should be prepared to sleep on the floor of a common area. Food and water will be provided, but we recommend that students bring a sleeping bag or blanket, a pillow, snacks and all prescription medications.

Evacuating locally to the home of a friend or family member outside of the evacuation area is highly recommended. Hurricane Shelters should be utilized when that alternative does not exist. Remember, evacuation centers are not designed for comfort and not all accept pets. 


Please monitor the local radio or television to find out which centers are open when an evacuation order is announced. Those who require special assistance/functional needs those specialized shelters are noted on list.

Volusia County Shelter List (see pdf file)