Bomb threats (whether in form of physical evidence or telephone threats) are to be taken serious. Contact the Office of Campus Safety/Security immediately. Campus Safety/Security will contact the Director of Physical Plant, Daytona Beach Police Department and advise the President or her/his designee of the situation. Because bomb threats are often times made with purpose of disrupting business as usual, the decisions are to be made by the President or her/his designee. If a search is deemed necessary, learn to look (search the room/area with your eyes for anything out of the ordinary), learn to listen (close your eyes and listen for a clockwork mechanism and/or background noise through A/C ducts, plumbing or through the walls and note the level of noise) and calmly report the facts, only. Do not disturb and suspicious object or device found. If an evacuation is deemed necessary, Campus Safety/Security will alert building occupants with assistance, and no one is to return to the area without clearance from Campus Safety/Security. Refrain from using cell phones, hand-held radios, etc during these times because they can act as detonators.