The Emergency Command Center (ECC) is the officially designated location for the coordination of emergency operations.

Point of Operation

When a major emergency occurs, or is imminent, the Vice President for Finance and Administration will confer with the Vice President for Student Affairs and members of the Emergency Response Team to set up and staffing of the Emergency Command Center. The ECC will be staffed for twenty-four (24) per day for the duration of the emergency. The ECC becomes operable at the time of a major emergency.


The Emergency Command Center is located in a Volusia County approved shelter and has an independent electric power supply (generator).

Dissemination of Information

Once the Presidents State of Emergency Proclamation is issued, the Vice President for Finance and Administration and his Emergency Response Team will alert the members of the Emergency Response Team (Team A) who will, in turn, notify volunteers that constitute Team B. The Vice President for Finance and Administration will notify the Provost who will notify all faculty members. The Vice President for Finance and Administration will notify the Director of Human Resource Management who will notify all Staff. The Chief Information Officer will alert the campus communication systems.

Suspension of Services and Systems

A proclamation will be issued by the President as to the suspension of classes, office closings and campus evacuation. This decision will be communicated via the telephone systems, mass email, internet service, public news media, security personnel, sector/unit supervisors and resident hall personnel. Employees and students of the college shall follow these directives and govern themselves accordingly. Non-essential personnel and students seeking shelter apart from the college must complete an official Travel/Sign-out form prior to their departure. We must be able to account for all student and all Bethune-Cookman personnel.

Resumption of Services

The President will issue notification for both limited and total resumption of normal university operations utilizing the same vehicles described above. It is important to note that campus personnel are to use extreme care in re-entering the campus or any part thereof after the emergency ended. However, no one is to return to campus prior to an official notification. There is some danger of accident and/or injury where the facilities may not be totally restored. Also, damaged equipment should not be operated prior to proper restoration by authorized personnel. All Bethune-Cookman personnel are responsible for assessing information via the Universitys Homepage, the Universitys Toll Free Number, email account and public broadcast/ media.