Preparing an Emergency Terrorism Plan for the Institution should be the same or similar for a family or the local community. First we must identify events and their potential for mass destruction in our community. The plan will then include:

  • An out-of-town communications contact (A Trustee Member out of the immediate local, a Sister Institution in another state) in the event a disaster occur whose purpose is to be a voice for and/or help establish relief efforts on our behalf.
  • A predetermined meeting place away from the institution for the President and her/his Cabinet Members should the institution be profoundly effected and totally evacuated, as well as a location for pertinent documents and financial records. Also prepare a disaster supply kit to be housed in the predetermined meeting place or one that will accompany the President and her/his Cabinet members.
  • Establishing a means for Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students to contact family members who may be affected in other areas.

A terrorist incident of any nature will produce significant numbers of casualties, damage to buildings and infrastructure, involve large numbers of law enforcement and other officials, generate extensive media coverage, overwhelm our health and mental health resources and result in massive evacuations. Some acts may include the release of Bio-explosions, if so, leave the area immediately, if trapped, cover your mouth with a piece of cloth and tap on a pipe or wall-do not shout. The best response is not to panic, listen to the local authorities, including our own administration, reduce further risk wherever possible and help others.