The Office of Risk Management & Insurance is responsible for identifying potential areas of risk for the University and mitigating these risks through the development of appropriate risk management and loss prevention programs and policies. The goal of this department is the prevention of injury, loss of life, and property damage on the campus of Bethune Cookman University.

The university maintains a full range of insurance polices and coverage to protect its interests and those of its stakeholders. Bethune Cookman University will require proof of insurance from contractors, vendors, and suppliers to assure they have the financial funding to meet their legal responsibilities and pay for damages or injuries arising from their activities. In addition, this office also performs the following:

  • Identify safety or security risks that could result in liability exposures.
  • Inspect campus buildings/properties to identify hazards and assess risks.
  • Investigate any incident that may result in an asset loss.
  • Review and file all insurance policies and prepare an annual insurance summary.
  • Acts as the liaison to insurance companies, contractors and attorneys.
  • Assist Legal Counsel in the review of contracts for insurance compliance requirements.
  • Ensure that claims are filed with the insurance company/Broker when required.
  • Gather required information necessary for annual insurance renewals.
  • Provides Certificates of Insurance (COI’s) when requested.
  • Conducts risk assessment for campus events.
  • Coordinates with campus organizations and departments involving travel related matters.
  • Manage claims against the university involving bodily injury, property damage, automobile, and other types of losses.