From UNCF Pre-Alumni Council Member to a Beats Electronics Externship, Sabrina Petit-Homme ('24) has Maximized Her Time On Campus

Sabrina Petit-Homme

Sabrina Petit-Homme received her acceptance to Bethune-Cookman University on the morning of her high school graduation. A first-generation college student born to Haitian immigrants, Petit-Homme says faith influenced her decision to matriculate to the institution sight unseen four years ago, and it is faith that has brought her to the finish line.

“I had no prior knowledge of  what I was coming into ... I hadn’t done any college visits, I just relied on faith and motivation,” she said. 

Now Petit-Homme is preparing to walk across the graduation stage in May, when she will receive a bachelor of arts degree in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration on psychology. 

On January 31, she represented the university as a United Negro College Fund pre-alumni council member at a breakfast sponsored on campus by the organization which served as the workplace giving campaign kickoff for Volusia County Public Schools. 

Sabrina Petit-Homme

If nothing else, Petit-Homme has maximized her time at B-CU, and she encourages fellow students to get involved in the university community and take advantage of as many experiences as they can. “Join everything even when you think it’s not for you — do it anyway! You never know what’s in store for you and who can meet to help you get to the next level.”

Petit-Homme took advantage of the opportunity to complete an externship with Beats Electronics, where she focused on branding strategy and business analytics. 

“I believe all my experiences here at Bethune-Cookman University have equipped me for success, I have been in many situations that molded me into the woman that I am today. I definitely feel like joining the [Collaborative Experiential Learning] program in the summer and pre-alumni council, along with being on e-board of multiple organizations on campus really helped me cultivate my skills for this externship.”

After graduation, Petit-Homme said she plans to pursue a master’s degree in business marketing, and the experience at Beats helped her to combine her interest in human behavior with a focus on business.

In the future, she hopes to work in entertainment or sports marketing. 

“If I can offer any advice to other students and incoming freshmen, it would be to focus,” she said. “I know as students we tend to be a little distracted with life, but I want [us] to understand that it’s okay to continue to make your education and mental health a priority.”

 She also said the key to success is just “be[ing] yourself.  Doors will open a lot faster when you are genuinely you.”

“Keep God first and network. College is what you make it, so make the best of it.” 

Sabrina Petit-Homme