The Bethune Cookman Oral History Collection would like to thank the hundreds of students who participated in collecting interviews of their family elders as well as campus and community individuals. Interviewees have graciously participated and relayed unforgettable history and life lessons. Since its inception in 2001 the BCU Oral History Collection has connected with members of the campus family, and, benefited from their advice. Many of the early interviewees have passed away and we cherish the opportunity to have learned from them.

Thanks to the National Museum African American of History & Culture, and Robert Frederick Smith Fund Interns, Grace Gardziella, Caleb Ebner, Maurice Hendricks, Clarissa West-White whose creative talents, dedication and skills have been indispensable in creatively preparing the collection for public dissemination. Thanks also to the College of Liberal Arts, the Bethune Cookman Archives and the Volusia County Library for unstinting cooperation with the BCU Oral History Collection.