The primary issue in a review of a disciplinary decision is whether University policy, procedures, and practices have been properly applied, not whether a student agrees or disagrees with the decision.

A student may submit an appeal if it is based on at least one of the following four grounds:

  1. A procedure was not followed as outlined in University policies.
  2. A claim that the decision of the hearing panel was clearly biased.
  3. A claim that the sanction(s) imposed was (were) overly harsh or inappropriate (only sanctions of suspension or expulsion
    may be appealed
  4. New evidence is presented, reasonably not available at a previous hearing, that could exonerate the student.

The student may submit an appeal through a link in their decision email or by using the link below, documenting the reason(s) for appeal. Appeals must be received no later than five calendar days from the date of receipt of the email. Only appeals from the accused student will be considered. If more than one student is involved in the incident, each must file a separate appeal.

After considering the appeal, the Vice President for Enrollment Management may reopen the hearing, order a new hearing, uphold the prior decision or revise the sanction.  The Vice President for Enrollment Management shall provide the student written notice of their decision within five (5) academic days.  The appeal determination of the Vice President for Enrollment Management is final and binding on all parties. There are no further appeals within the University.  

Student Appeal Form (Judicial Process)