Staff and Faculty

If you need access for Wildcat Web and/or Jenzabar One, you and your Supervisor must fill out the IT Request Access Form & Confidentiality Agreement and submit the completed form to the Office of Human Resources. Customized Access based on your functional roles will be then created/granted once Human Resources submits your request to CIT Help desk. Login Credentials information will be then emailed to you.

If a faculty or staff member does not remember  his/her Wildcat Web ID# , he/she can submit a support request by emailing to the CIT Help Desk at or calling (386)-481-2070 or (386)-481-2071.


If you forget your Wildcat Web Password, you can follow the step-by-step instructions located on the login page to reset your password. In addition, if you also don’t remember your Wildcat Web ID# (username), you should send a support request to the CIT helpdesk at or calling (386) 481-2070 or (386) 481-2071.

Support Services

  • Support the B-CU Enterprise Applications Suite (Jenzabar One), its Student Information Portal and all related multiple 3rd party Software
  • Maintain security of the Administrative software solutions and its web portal, and provide access to end-users (Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators)
  • Provide support to all end-users.
  • Provide statistical, academic & budget reports to administrators, departments heads and others
  • Lead implementation projects of new applications


  • Offer workshops and training sessions virtual and/or in-person to faculty and staff