Bethune-Cookman University is pleased to offer free LinkedIn Learning accounts to all students, faculty, and staff.

LinkedIn Learning provides a wide variety of tutorials on programs ranging from computer code to design applications.



LinkedIn Learning is a powerful tool, perfect for any classroom.

With more than 5,000 video tutorials and 12,000 courses to choose from, you can leverage LinkedIn Learning to enhance your course content allowing your students to explore and learn concepts at their own pace.

Check out this LinkedIn Learning course and learn how to effectively integrate LinkedIn Learning into your course.

For Students

Explore personalized learning experiences with courses taught by real-world professionals on LinkedIn Learning. Learn how to use tools like Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, or become more familiar with Windows and macOS. Leverage LinkedIn Learning to learn business, IT, or creative skills to succeed academically and prepare for your future career.

For Faculty & Staff

Take advantage of LinkedIn Learning! Integrate LinkedIn Learning’s accessible content into your academic course, or explore professional development courses geared towards teaching professionals. Access LinkedIn Learning content for career development or personal growth. Develop skills for Office 365, social media, or project management. Use LinkedIn Learning to learn soft skills such as staff management, communication, or time management.