Virtual Computer Lab

Service Description

The Virtual Computer Lab provides students with virtual access to academically relevant software applications. B-CU students who are registered for the current or next term may have access to the Virtual Computer Lab environment via web browser.   

The Virtual Computer Lab provides additional access to CIT computer lab resources and specialty applications. It reduces the need for students to purchase expensive computer applications, creates a fun and easy-to-use virtual environment, and helps reduce barriers to students successfully completing their courses.

Note: Although this service is primarily for students, faculty may also request access.

How to Request this Service:

Complete these two simple steps in order to access the B-CU’s Virtual Computer Lab:

Step 1: Enroll into two-step verification

Step 2: Complete this request form

Charges and fees

The Virtual Computer Lab is free for current B-CU students.


This service is available to the following groups:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff