Bethune-Cookman University is pleased to provide digital cable TV to every student residence hall room on campus. To get connected, you will need a TV with a Clear QAM tuner and a coax cable TV wire. Instructions are provided below. If you need assistance, please see your RA or RLC.

All student rooms on campus are connected to the Bethune-Cookman University Cable TV (BCU-TV) service. Every student room has a cable TV jack installed in the wall. To connect to BCU-TV in your room, you will need a cable-ready TV and a coax cable.

The BCU-TV channel line-up is the same as the line-up for Bright House's Daytona Beach residential customers. Listed below is a complete channel listing. Bright House's residential customers pay approximately $30 per month for this service. BCU-TV service is provided to Cookman students at NO COST!

Cable TV Setup

Students are responsible for setting up their television. Locate the manual for your TV and follow the instructions for activating the cable-ready features of the set. You can find many manufacturers' manuals online.

Cable TV Setup FAQs

  • 2 Info Ch 1
  • 3 Info Ch 2
  • 4 Info Ch 3
  • 6 NASA
  • 10 WFTV - ABC HD
  • 11 WKMG - CBS HD
  • 12 WESH - NBC HD
  • 13 CFN 13 HD
  • 14 WOFL - FOX HD
  • 15 WUCF - PBS HD
  • 16 WKCF - CW HD
  • 17 WRBW - MyTV HD
  • 18 WOPX - ION HD
  • 19 WHLV - Cocoa
  • 20 WRDQ - Orlando 27
  • 21 WTGL - Leesburg 45
  • 22 WACX - Leesburg
  • 23 CSPAN HD
  • 24 Weather Channel
  • 36 HLN HD
  • 37 CNN HD
  • 38 CNBC HD
  • 39 MSNBC HD
  • 40 Bloomberg HD
  • 41 Fox News HD
  • 42 BBC America HD
  • 43 NY1
  • 47 BHSN HD
  • 48 ESPN HD
  • 49 ESPN2 HD
  • 50 ESPN Classic
  • 51 ESPNews HD
  • 53 FS1 HD
  • 54 Golf HD
  • 70 Disney HD
  • 71 Cartoon HD
  • 72 Nickelodeon HD
  • 73 BET HD
  • 74 ABC Family HD
  • 75 Animal Planet HD
  • 76 Discovery HD
  • 79 TLC HD
  • 80 Food HD
  • 81 Hallmark HD
  • 82 HGTV HD
  • 83 Lifetime HD
  • 84 Oxygen HD
  • 85 OWN HD
  • 86 Discovery Fit & Health HD
  • 87 Travel HD
  • 88 Nat Geo HD
  • 89 History HD
  • 90 A&E HD
  • 91 E! TV HD
  • 92 Bravo HD
  • 93 TBS HD
  • 94 TNT HD
  • 95 USA HD
  • 96 AMC HD
  • 97 Universal HD
  • 98 Velocity HD
  • 99 Comedy Central HD
  • 100 Syfy HD
  • 101 FX HD
  • 106 Info Mas
  • 107 WVEN Univision HD
  • 108 WTMO - Telemundo HD
  • 109 WOTF - Telefutura HD
  • 122 TCM HD
  • 123 Lifetime Movie HD
  • 124 Hallmark Movie HD
  • 134 VH1 HD
  • 135 MTV HD

A QAM tuner allows your TV to receive digital cable channels from a cable TV provider without a cable box. If your TV does not have a QAM tuner, you can purchased an external tuner box.

Most, but not all, major brands of TVs made after 2006 have a QAM tuner built in. Typically brands like Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG and Visio will have a QAM tuner.

Typically lower end brands like Element, Dynex, Emerson, Haier, RCA, Seiki, Sylvania, Westinghouse, Colby and other lower end brands DO NOT have a QAM tuner.

To determine if your TV has a QAM tuner, check the TV’s manual or specifications. You can also search on Google with your TV make and model number and QAM.

Google Search Image

Please note: All new TVs have an ATSC tuner. An ATSC tuner will allow you use an antenna with you TV. An ATSC tuner will NOT be able to receive digital cable TV. Your TV must have a clear QAM tuner.

Because manufacturers change specifications quickly, please use the above a guide. We recommend that you check the specifications or call the manufacturer to verify.

You can purchase an external clear QAM digital tuner.

There are several companies that make external clear QAM digital tuners that you can use. Bethune-Cookman has successfully used the iView 3500STBII external digital converter box.

Don’t forget to make sure that you have the wires necessary (Like HDMI) to connect the box to your TV.

B-CU cannot guarantee an external QAM tuner will work with your specific TV. Before you purchase an external QAM tuner, make sure you understand the return policies.

BEFORE YOU BUY - Important note: Most external digital TV tuners are ATSC only. These are designed for really old TVs that want to connect to an antenna. Your external TV tuner must support clear QAM.

You will probably have to perform a channel scan so that you TV will learn what channels are available. Channel scans are usually initiated through the MENU or SETUP button on your remote control. Look for the SCAN or AUTOPROGRAM function. Some TVs may take up to 30 minutes to perform a channel scan.

Please consult your TV’s user manual for channel scan instructions. Often, a user manual is available online by entering your TV’s model number and “manual” or “instructions” in the Google search engine.

Please contact the RA or RLC person in your building. They may be able to assist you with getting your TV connected. If there is an issue, they can also open a support ticket to get the TV jack examined.