The College of Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics is a place of discovery-discovering the latest developments in your field of choice, and discovering outstanding career options. Each area of study is a community in which individual talents, backgrounds and perspectives are recognized and appreciated. Students graduate prepared for hands-on leadership in their fields or for advanced study.

Dr. Herbert Thompson
Dean of the College of Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics
Dean's Welcome

Our College is both a challenging place and a very welcoming one. Our faculty are experts in their fields. Our students are curious and devoted to inquiry.  We emphasize excellent teaching, with continuous faculty/student interaction and collaboration. Being a student at the College is an invigorating and rewarding experience.

In the Spotlight

Dr. Matilda Johnson - Professor
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples," is understandably a favorite quote of Dr. Matilda Johnson, who made the decision to transition from clinician and practitioner to academician. Through the work she does as an associate professor, she creates ripple after ripple in the lives of the students she teaches, those she involves in her research and grant projects, and the students she mentors.
She is laser focused to, “do all within my power to produce the best next generation of healthcare professionals till the whole world is a happy and healthy place.”
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Miranda White – Current Student
When faculty reflect on the students who have excelled in the rigorous study of Integrated Environmental Science, they think of Miranda White. Her love for the study of environmental science at the undergraduate level and now as a part of the University’s Masters of Science degree program is exciting and inspirational.
One of her major professors at both levels of study, Dr. Michael Reiter, declares, “With a 3.97 grade point average, Miranda is the strongest major in IES.
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Dr. Shamaria Engram – Alumni
The world is full of “firsts” still waiting to be made and, last year, Wildcat alum Shamaria Engram did just that. For close to 40 years, there had never been a Black female student in the Computer Science and Engineering doctoral program at the University of South Florida. At least, not until B-CU graduate Shamaria Engram!
Shamaria entered B-CU’s College of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics as a graduate of Strawberry Crest High School.
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