All Ensembles are divided into either Small or Large Ensembles and receive one credit hour of credit for all music degree programs. All music majors must complete four semesters of large ensemble and three semesters of small ensemble. Students normally enroll in ensembles every semester until requirements are met. Students may continue to enroll in ensembles for 1 credit if degree plan allows or select variable option of 0 credit to satisfy scholarship requirements. The ensembles are intended to provide the following opportunities while satisfying PSLO 4:

  1. To give students the opportunity to perform master works and contemporary selections. 

  2. To give students the experience of playing with like and mixed instruments in a small ensemble.

  3. To enable students to utilize the acquired techniques from applied music in a small group setting.

  4. To expose the student to a variety of standard and contemporary literature in a variety of styles including popular, traditional, and non-traditional in a small or large ensemble.

There are opportunities for performance on recitals and at special events. Students may have the opportunity to study the techniques of ensemble direction, such as conducting, marching band show design, and other procedures used in public school ensembles.

Large Ensembles

(each repeatable up to 4 times for 1 credit hour and variable for 0 credit and elective beyond that)

  • Concert Chorale – MUC 110
  • University Chorus – MUT 110
  • Concert Band – MUA 110
  • University Band – MUU 110 (0 credit course will not satisfy large ensemble credit for music majors)
  • Symphonic Band – MUN 110
  • Marching Wildcats – MUB 110 (Fulfills Gen. Ed. Requirement and one ensemble requirement for music majors only)
  • Jazz Band – MUD 110

Small Ensembles

(each repeatable up to 3 times for 1 credit hour and variable for 0 credit or elective beyond that)

  • Brass Ensembles – MUG 310 (Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba-Euphonium, Quintet)
  • Jazz Combo – MUO 310
  • Mixed Instrumentation – MUR 310
  • Opera Workshop & Musical Theatre Scenes – MUF 310
  • Percussion Ensemble – MUI 310
  • Woodwind Ensemble – MUH 310 (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone)
  • Chamber Ensemble with Piano – MUQ 310
  • Contemporary Ensemble – MUT 310

Pep Band (MUP 110) is 0 credit and does not satisfy music major ensemble requirement.

Auditions for Symphonic, Concert, and University Bands will be held usually in late October. Auditions for all Choral Ensembles occur at the beginning of each semester and late Spring.

Students will be called to audition by section or other orderly manner decided upon prior to audition dates. The audition committee will consist of members of the Band Staff and other faculty members as needed.

Students will be expected to demonstrate: 

  • Scales/rudiments appropriate to the instrument,
  • A prepared excerpt supplied in advance, (Applied faculty members may be consulted to supply the excerpt from standard literature.)
  • Possible sight-reading
  • Sight-singing/Vocalization