The Department of Music offers degree programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, and Bachelor of Arts in Music Recording Technology. Admission to all programs is determined by audition. Students applying to become music majors or minors must: (1) gain admission to the University; (2) complete an “Application for Music Admissions;” or complete the B-CU Music Program Inquiry, and (3) audition successfully with a principal instrument or voice. Recorded auditions may be acceptable when a live audition is not possible.

Please note that this audition process is separate from auditions for the large ensembles, such as Concert Chorale and Marching Band.  Students must demonstrate basic proficiency on their chosen instrument, provide evidence of solo and/or ensemble musical experience, and demonstrate potential for a successful career in Music. Generally, vocalists should be prepared to sing in at least 2 contrasting styles and instrumentalists should be prepared to demonstrate familiarity with basic technique and at least 1 prepared solo work. Both vocalists and instrumentalists will be expected to sight read. A registration hold may be placed on a student’s account until successful completion of the audition for any music degree program or the music minor. 

Open auditions are scheduled during the Spring Semester and other Orientation dates; auditions may also be scheduled by appointment, as needed. The audition committee will consist of a minimum of two faculty members, preferably both of which represent the student’s area of interest.  Prospective students should contact the Department of Music at (386) 481-2745 or for more information.  

Students who show musical potential but do not demonstrate competency on their instrument/voice or music reading may be eligible only for MU_ 099 level applied courses, for which the student will not receive college credit.  In order to be admitted as music majors at the end of the semester, students will have to demonstrate expected proficiency in both their applied instrument and music reading before a faculty committee.  Pending the faculty committee’s recommendation, students will either be admitted as music majors, allowing them to sign up for college-level applied courses (MU_ 210), or be advised to consider another major.

All potential Music Majors will be required to provide their own Flute (and Piccolo for Marching Band), Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, or Trombone. See the appropriate faculty member for further information and recommendations or contact the Department of Music at (386) 481-2745 or

Brass – Mr. James Poitier

Percussion – Mr. Pedro Orey

Piano – Mr. Karl Van Richards

Vocal – Mr. Curtis Rayam