The Minor in Nutrition provides students with a foundation of knowledge in nutritional sciences, food studies, food systems, and population health.  Students will examine food and nutrition practices and policies that affect sustainable diets and long-term health. A minor in nutrition would benefit those students who intend to pursue careers in the Food Industry, Kinesiology, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Physician Assistant, Public Health, Hospitality, and so on.

Professions with a background in Nutrition and Dietetics are ranked #23 Best Healthcare Jobs and #53 in The 100 Best jobs according to the U.S News Money Report. 

The Minor in Nutrition can complement the following majors/degrees: B.S. Aging Studies, B.S. Hospitality Management, B.S. Health and Exercise Science, B.S. Biology, B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Psychology, and B.S. Physical Education.  The Minor in Nutrition is open to all students with an interest in Nutritional Sciences.

The minor consists of the following requirements:

Core Courses

NUTR 220 Principles and Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
GR 230 Nutrition in Health and Disease
NUTR 320 Introduction to Food Science
NUTR 322 Nutrition through the Life Cycle


CHS 220 Medical Terminology
CHS 230 Sports Nutrition

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