Course # Name Credit Hour Term Professor
ATR 510 Foundations of Athletic Training 4 Summer I Williams
ATR 512 Sport and Exercise Performance 3 Summer I Mirtz
ATR 570 Clinical Education I 3 Fall I CP
ATR 511 Nutrition in Sports 3 Fall I JOW
ATR 521 Assessment and Management of Lower Extremities and Lumbar Spine 4 Fall I DuBose
ATR 522 Assessment and Management of Upper Extremities and Cervical spine 4 Spring I DuBose
ATR 571 Clinical Education II 3 Spring I CP
ATR 520 Psycho-social Issues in Athletic Training 3 Spring I JOW
ATR 542 Medical Conditions 4 Spring I Williams
ATR 540 Rehabilitation in Athletic Training 3 Summer II DuBose
ATR 541  Modalities in Athletic Training 3 Summer II DuBose
ATR 531 Organization and Assessment of Athletic Training 3 Summer II JOW
ATR 550 Research and Statistical Methods 3 Fall II Hall
ATR 553 Current Issues and Management in Athletic Training 3 Fall II Williams
ATR 572 Clinical Education III 3 Fall II CP
ATR 573 Clinical Education IV 4 Spring II CP
ATR 561 Capstone in Athletic Training 5 Spring II Williams
ATR 562 Culmination Experience in Athletic Training 2 Spring II JOW
TOTAL   60
Prerequisites Admissions Requirements
Biology I w/Lab Baccalaureate Degree from an accredited institution
Human Anatomy  w/Lab 3 Letters of recommendation from: 1 faculty, 1 AT and 1 person of applicant choice
Human Physiology w/Lab Minimum GPA:  3.0
Nutrition or Sports Nutrition Minimum 50 AT shadowing hours
Gen. Physics w/lab Interview with MAT panel
Intro. to Statistics All prerequisites passed with at least a “C"
Gen. Psychology Written goals statement
Gen. Chemistry w/lab Pass a level II background check
Meet the technical standards for admission or show potential for accomplished tasks