B-CU Policy on hiring of non-residents

Bethune-Cookman University appreciates and values the service of its non-resident employees and is proud to employ non-resident employees from all over the world. The university is willing to participate in the H1B visa process and the H1B visa renewal process for the selected non-resident individuals for which the university chooses to hire as employees. It is the University's general rule that it does not sponsor employees for or participate in the green card or labor certification process; however, exceptions may exist. Please refer any and all inquiries about your particular options for permanent residence to your individually selected immigration counsel.


For University implementation of this Board policy, the following rule must be followed.

No non-resident will be employed by the University in any capacity without first having written approval of all of the following: President, CFO, and HR.

Approved by the Board of Trustees - April 20, 2012.