The Financial Aid Office grants awards and approves loans based on the eligibility of the student.  They determine the type and amount of each award or loan, which is indicated in the “official” award letter that is mailed to each student who completes a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Financial Aid Office will release the aid to the student’s account after all documentation has been signed and submitted.  If the student has a loan, the Financial Aid Office will release the loan after the student (borrower) has completed the application, counseling sessions, and endorsed the promissory notes.  Students can contact the Financial Aid Office at (386) 481-2620 and/or review the Financial Aid section on this Website.

No, a payment plan is not offered.

After the Financial Aid Office has verified your eligibility, receipt of all documentation and the funds have been transmitted electronically to B-CU, the Financial Aid Office will inform the Office of Student Accounts Services that the funds have been released.  The Office of Student Accounts services will make the transfer and post the funds to your account.

You must notify the Registrar’s Office when you have a change of address. For refunds only, you must notify the Office of Student Account Services prior to the refund being issued.