The Financial Aid Office grants awards and approves loans based on the eligibility of the student.  They determine the type and amount of each award or loan, which is indicated in the “official” award letter that is mailed to each student who completes a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Financial Aid Office will release the aid to the student’s account after all documentation has been signed and submitted.  If the student has a loan, the Financial Aid Office will release the loan after the student (borrower) has completed the application, counseling sessions, and endorsed the promissory notes.  Students can contact the Financial Aid Office at (386) 481-2620 and/or review the Financial Aid section on this Website.


After the Financial Aid Office has verified your eligibility, receipt of all documentation and the funds have been transmitted electronically to B-CU, the Financial Aid Office will inform the Office of Student Accounts Services that the funds have been released.  The Office of Student Accounts services will make the transfer and post the funds to your account.

You must notify the Registrar’s Office when you have a change of address. For refunds only, you must notify the Office of Student Account Services prior to the refund being issued.

To enroll in a payment plan please click  BCU Payment Plan.  Please be sure that your balance is correct, by making sure all of your charges (on or off campus) and financial aid has been applied to your account before you enroll in a payment plan. 

Yes, there is a $47 nonrefundable fee for each semester payment plan that you enroll in.  If you enroll in a payment plan for the Fall and again for the Spring, you will incur an expense of $47 each semester.

The payment plan allows for five (5) payments from June - November.  According to the time you enroll in the payment plan, then that will determine the amount of payments that you will have.   

Any debts owed to the university from previous transactions must be cleared first.  Then, the upcoming semester bill must either be paid in full (through direct payments or approved aid) OR a payment plan must be established prior to the semester.  See official deadlines for each semester which also require that all registration, housing, and financial aid obligation are met on time.

Yes, starting Summer 2022, all students will have to pay ALL prior balances in full before you can register, receive transcripts, or graduate.  If you have a prior balance, then a hold will be placed on your account.

The funds must be received by the university before the pending aid can be reclassified as applied aid. If you have any questions about the timing of the financial aid being applied, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 386-481-2620 or

Refunds are issued after all the aid is applied to your account and the account shows a credit balance. Pending aid, for purposes of the refund process, is not recognized on your account statement until the money is received. 

The refund process will begin three weeks after classes start.  This process will continue Tuesday and Thursday of each week as credit balances arise.

No, refunds can be issued on different dates because everyone’s account is different as to the type of aid awarded and how/when aid is applied to each student’s account. The timing of when the aid is applied is different based on various factors.

Yes, attendance is one important criteria that can affect your student aid and your eligibility for aid.

Book vouchers can be added to your account approximately two weeks before the semester begins.

The limit for book voucher is $750 for each.  To receive approval for any additional amount of book vouchers, please contact the Business Office at You must have the funds available in order to add it on your card.

Yes, if you do not use all of your book vouchers, it will be return.