The Vice President for Enrollment Management is dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of our University community.  We encourage faculty, staff, and students to report matters regarding sexual misconduct, student misconduct, concerning student behavior, concerns about a student’s well-being, student grievance and complaints, and general concerns.  Please use the appropriate links below to submit a report.

Student Concern and Incident Reporting

Use this form if you suspect or have observed violations of the Student Honor Code.  The incident report will automatically route to the appropriate office for action.

Student Concern & Incident Form

Academic Dishonesty and Misconduct

Use this form if you suspect or have observed violations of the Academic Honor Code.  Violations include, but are not limited to: Cheating, Plagiarism, Course Material Dishonesty, Theft or Damage of Intellectual Property, Alteration of University Documents, Disturbances in the Classroom 

Academic Dishonesty and Misconduct Form

Reporting an Incident or Concern

Use this form if you are concerned about a student’s personal well-being and wish to refer them to the Health and Wellness Student Services Team.  You may also use this form if you are concerned that a student may be a harm to themselves or others.  If there is suspected immediate danger please call 386-481-2900 and mark the nature of this form as “urgent”.

Student Concern & Incident Form

Student Grievances/Complaints

Use this form if you believe that you have been subjected to an alleged inequality in violation of the University’s Policies and Procedures.  This Student Grievance/Complaint Procedure is intended to allow students an opportunity to present an issue which they feel warrants action, including the right to secure educational benefits and services.

Student Grievance & Complaint Form

Sexual Misconduct Incident Reporting (Including sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation)

Use this form if you have been unlawfully violated, harassed, discriminated against, retaliated against or otherwise harmed on the basis of sex.  You are encouraged to fill out this form; however, you also contact the Vice President for Enrollment Management (if you are a student) by phone at 386-481-2494, or by email at  If you are not a student, but a member of the Bethune-Cookman University community, you may call Human Resources at 386-481-2049.  If you are in danger or feel threatened please call 386-481-2900.  All reports are kept confidential according to FERPA law. 

Title IX Policy

Title IX Reporting Form