The Bethune-Cookman University Information Technology Policies (the "Policy") contain Bethune-Cookman's philosophy and requirements governing student, faculty, and staff use of its information technology resources. Bethune-Cookman University expects each member of the community to use Bethune-Cookman's information technology resources, including connections to resources external to Bethune-Cookman that are made possible by Bethune-Cookman's information technology resources, responsibly, ethically, and in compliance with the Policy, relevant laws, and all contractual obligations to third parties. The use of Bethune-Cookman's information technology resources is a privilege. If a member of the community fails to comply with this Policy or relevant laws and contractual obligations, that member's privilege to access and use Bethune-Cookman's information technology resources may be revoked. The use of Bethune-Cookman's information technology resources to send communications to Bethune-Cookman or non-Bethune-Cookman persons or entities typically identifies the sender as belonging to the Bethune-Cookman community. Each member of the community should, therefore, recognize that any such communication may reflect on how Bethune-Cookman is perceived by not only the Bethune-Cookman community but also the public at large.


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