Students who wish to schedule an appointment with a counselor can contact Behavioral Health and Resource Services (BHRS) by calling (386) 481-2172 or by completing the Counseling & Resource Request Form. Walk-in appointments are also available between the hours of 9:00am - 4:00pm.

Due to increases in demand during busier times of the school year, same-day appointments may not be available, and there may be wait times for walk-in services. We urge students to utilize walk-in appointments only for urgent situations and to schedule appointments for all other concerns. If you are in crisis, please inform the support staff and we will make every attempt to respond to you as soon as possible.

Students will receive an appointment reminder email the day before their scheduled session. While we understand that emergencies and unexpected circumstances happen, we ask that students contact us to cancel as far in advance as possible. This allows time for staff to offer available time slots to other students in need.

Frequent no-shows and cancellations can lead to a disruption in the progress of therapy. Students who miss more than two consecutive appointments must contact BHRS to re-initiate therapeutic services.

To protect the health of the BHRS staff and other students, students who are sick are strongly encouraged to reschedule in-person appointments.

The initial contact appointment is a brief session where clients will meet with a BHRS counselor, who will assess their reported concerns and make recommendations for care. Depending on the concern, the counselor may provide a brief single-session service or make additional recommendations. Recommendations may include individual, relationship, a group or workshop, a referral to resources in the community, accommodations via resource services, or self-paced learning.

If it is decided that BHRS services are appropriate, students may schedule a follow-up appointment with a counselor, where they will complete an intake session. The goal of individual counseling is to provide short-term support to increase insights and gain skills to more effectively navigate challenges and stressors. BHRS offers brief therapy services that typically range from 4-8 sessions. Students will collaborate with their counselor to establish goals for counseling and determine the approximate number of sessions needed to address their concerns. Appointments are typically scheduled weekly or bi-weekly based on the treatment goals and appointment availability. If at any time the counselor determines other services are better suited to the student’s needs (such as longer-term therapy, assessment, or a higher level of care) Counseling Services will provide referrals to off-campus providers.

When appropriate, brief, focused relationship counseling services can be provided. Sessions may focus on healthy communication, conflict resolution, and skills to create healthy interpersonal relationships. Services are available to friends, roommates, and individuals in romantic relationships. To receive relationship counseling services, each person must be a student enrolled in Bethune-Cookman University.

Groups provide an environment where students with similar goals can support one another as they build communication skills, and learn to give and receive feedback in a constructive environment. Students can learn from each other, share their unique perspectives, and gain a better understanding of themselves through the process of relating to others.

Group counseling can be utilized alone or along with individual therapy. The focus of groups may vary from semester to semester, but typically focus on topics such as grief, healthy relationships, graduate students' experiences, men’s experiences, and women’s experiences. Students will meet with a counselor for an initial contact appointment and complete the intake process to be referred into a group.

Workshops provide lessons on specific skills to improve student’s overall mental health and wellbeing. Topics may vary from semester to semester, but typically focus on specific issues like social anxiety, anger, social media use, emotion regulation, and self-esteem. Students will meet with a counselor for an initial contact appointment and complete the intake process to be referred into a workshop.

Counselors are available to consult with parents and family members regarding general information about services, information about referring their student to BHRS, and for general guidance on how best to support students. Counselors and support staff are not able to provide confidential information about students or confirm whether or not they are receiving services.

Let’s Talk! is a new way for students to ask mental health questions and have them answered by a BHRS counselor. Students can ask general questions, like “What strategies help with insomnia?”, “How can I support a friend who is grieving?”, and, “What are some things that I can talk about in therapy?” A staff member will respond within 2-3 business days to ensure there is time to provide a thorough answer.

Students do not have to be a current or past client to ask a question. “Let’s Talk” is available to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.

Please do not submit appointment requests or utilize “Let’s Talk” to report a crisis. If you or a fellow B-CU student is experiencing a mental health crisis please walk-in to Behavioral Health and Resource Services Center (BHRSC) at The Odessa Chambliss Center (1st Floor, room 145), or enter through the L. Gale Lemerand School of Nursing. If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis, call BHRS at (386) 481-2172 Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00pm.

For evenings, weekends, and days the university is closed, students are strongly encouraged to contact the Volusia County Crisis Response Team at (386) 822-8740, or The National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by calling or texting 9-8-8. If there is an immediate threat to a student’s or another person’s physical safety, students are strongly encouraged to contact 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

For Resource services, including questions about academic and housing accommodations, please visit the Accessibility Services.

Behavioral Health and Resource Services (BHRS) provides outreach services to the B-CU community to promote wellbeing beyond the counseling center.

Staff and faculty can request the following services:

  • Tabling/ event support
  • Educational presentation on a mental health topic
  • A supportive presence to address bereavement or another incident impacting the campus community
  • Interview or panel
  • Consultation

Please allow at least 3 weeks advance notice to fulfill a request. Following the online submission, requesters can expect to receive a response within 2-3 business days. Although we will attempt our very best to fulfill requests, BHRS staff may not be able to fulfill all requests during busier times of the school year or on short notice.

Please use the Outreach and Consultation Request Form to submit your event.

The Serenity Lounge is a relaxation space designed for relaxation andmindful contemplation. Students, faculty and staff can reserve a time to utilize the lounge and decompress from the hustle and bustle of campus life.

Offerings include:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Sound machine
  • Adult coloring books
  • Soft, warm lighting
  • MetaQuest VR games for relaxation and focus

To reserve a space, please call BHRS at (386) 481-2172

To report a concern about a student, please complete the Student Concern and Incident Reporting form or contact Dr. Anthony Bowling, Director of Behavioral Health and Resource Services at