The mission of the Office of Assessment is to improve student learning through the assessment of academic programs and to improve efficiency and quality through the assessment of non-academic support services. 

Assessment involves both academic and non-academic areas of B-CU.

Overall, assessment is the ongoing, systematic process of establishing clear, measurable, expected outcomes that demonstrate institutional effectiveness as related to the University’s Strategic Plan.  It also involves implementing programs and practices designed to achieve predetermined outcomes, systematically collecting, aggregating, summarizing, and evaluating evidence to determine how well programs and practices are working at meeting their expected outcomes, and using the evidence to understand and improve institutional effectiveness by ensuring an efficient and optimal use of University resources.  

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Academic Program Assessment

Academic & Student Support Services Assessment

Administrative Support Services Assessment

What We Do to Build Assessment Capacity

  • Workshops for faculty and staff
  • Consultations with faculty and staff
  • Collaborate with the University community (administrators, faculty, staff, and students) to establish and implement sustainable, manageable, and significant assessment
  • Facilitate Assessment Committees
  • Provide assessment resources such as best practices, guidelines, and examples.

Institutional Effectiveness Glossary (PDF)

  • General Education Assessment through a collaborative effort with Academic Affairs and the Gen Ed Committee comprised of elected faculty representing B-CU’s Colleges and Schools.