B-CU offers both a master’s and a certificate program in organizational leadership, both fully online. Can leadership be taught, cultivated, and understood deeply so as to be applied to the most challenging situations you might face? The answer is unreservedly yes. Designed primarily for learners with one to three years of experience, the program is also a good refresher for more experienced professionals.

Master’s in Organizational Leadership

If one thinks of those leaders who made a distinctive impact, who changed their organizations, communities and the world for the better, who were ethical and value-centered, who made informed data-driven decisions, who saw things no one else could see, who solved problems few might risk addressing who not only managed but transformed, then one might ask, can this be taught? Is there a place to acquire these skills? There is.

And Bethune-Cookman offers an exceptional online master’s, grounded in our HBCU traditions and focused on developing knowledge and skills you’ll be able to put to work immediately on the job.


  • A flexible online program including face-to-face sessions
  • 39 credits
  • Non-Thesis and Thesis option
  • Complete the degree in 2 semesters (9 Cr every Sub-Term-8 weeks)
  • Courses offered in the Fall & Spring
  • An extensive study of leadership strategies.
  • Use of "action research" to solve real problems while gaining practical leadership experience.
  • The integration of ethics into leadership practices
  • Certificate Program available (12 hours).

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is a 39-credit online program offering both thesis and non-thesis (capstone paper) tracks. It is an interdisciplinary degree program designed for working adults – to help you enhance your leadership skills while equipping you with an ethical foundation in civic participation.

Master of Organizational Leadership Vertical Curriculum

Semester 1 - Required Virtual Orientation at the beginning of the Semester*
Subterm 1
601 Leadership Theory & Principles & Practices 3 1st 8 weeks
605 Critical Reflection & Transformative Leadership 3 1st 8 weeks
613 Ethical Decision Making 3 1st 8 weeks
Subterm 1 Total 9
Subterm 2
638 Data Collection, Analysis and Statistics 3 2nd 8 weeks
640 Action Research I-Methodology 3 2nd 8 weeks
Subterm 2 Total 6
Semester 2

Subterm 1

621 Leadership & Civic Engagement 3 1st 8 weeks
697 Action Research Thesis/Capstone 1 1st 8 weeks
645 / 633a

Action Research II - Data collection


Internship II
3 16 weeks
698 Action Research Thesis/Capstone 1 16 weeks
Subterm 1 Total 8
Subterm 2
611 Org. Change & Dynamics 3 2nd 8 weeks
615 Cognition & Communication 3 2nd 8 weeks
Subterm 2 Total 6
Semester 3

Subterm 1

650 / 652 a 3 16 weeks
699 Action Research Thesis/Capstone 1 16 weeks
625 Special Topics in Leadership 3 1st 8 weeks
Subterm 1 Total 7
Subterm 2
623 Social Justice & Multicultural Leadership 3 2nd 8 weeks
Subterm 2 Total 3

Lead 651 Thesis Continuation 1 credit required to complete thesis/capstone paper if not successfully completed in Lead 650/Lead 652.

*Required virtual sessions throughout the semester (approximately 4-6 sessions per course)

aNon Thesis Track students will take these. Thesis track students will take Lead 645 and Lead 650.

  • Application for Admission 
  • Two letters of professional recommendation
  • Resume/CV
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative undergraduate GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • A lower than 2.75 GPA is considered for provisional admission.


Dr. Ranjna Patel
Professor, & Chair-Department of Leadership Studies
Telephone: 386-481 2808
Email: patelr@cookman.edu
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View Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Dr. Cecily Ball
Assistant Professor
Telephone: 386-481-2073
Email: ballc@cookman.edu
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Dr. Darryl Frazier
Assistant Professor
Telephone: 386-481-2418
Email: frazierd@cookman.edu
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Dr. Michael Humphreys
Associate Professor-Ethics
Telephone: 386-481-2758
Email: humphreysm@cookman.edu
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Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Douglas Rivero
Email: Riverod@cookman.edu
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Information for New MSOL Students

New-student orientation for the spring term will be held on the first day of classes from 7-8 pm.  For new students, please review the information presented on this page, and complete the steps below prior to orientation to ensure you are ready for online work.

Lead 601-Leadership Theory, Principles and Practices

Lead 605  Critical Reflection & Organizational Leadership

Lead 613-Ethical Decision Making

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* MSOL Thesis/Capstone Paper Handbook (PDF)

For help, call: 386-481-2600

Returning MSOL Students

There is no orientation for returning students.  Please begin the semester by attending your first scheduled class. Classes start the week of August 17 to 21. Refer to Wildcat Web and your registration information for class schedules and virtual meeting times.

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